Recycling Process

GMP Corp. maximizes efficiency through flexible process operations depending on the nature/characteristics of wastes.

  • 01
    Best Proposal
    (Waste treatment solution)

    Elution test analysis

    Composition Analysis
    (of Valuable Metals)

    cost-benefit review

    Improvement proposal

  • 02
    Waste Movement

    Own vehicle
    (1MT & 5MT truck)

    Outside Logistics Partnership

  • 03
    Pretreatment Process
    (Flexible & selective way as per characteristics)

    Sorting / Screening / Sieving

    Crushing / Milling

    Dehydration / Drying


  • 04
    Quality Blending

    Meet Customer’s quality

    Metal content management

    Impurity management

  • 05
    Smelting & Refining

    Meet Customer’s quality

    Ingot casting

  • 06
    Supplying products

    To End Customers
    (smelters & Refineries)

    Material manufacturers

Major Facilities Owned

GMP Corp. has facilities for flexible process operations depending on the nature/characteristics of the wastes.

Quantity Mechanical Type
Shredder/Crusher Four Jaw Crusher Ball Mil Hammer Mil Roll Mill
Screening machine Two Vibrating type x 2
Drying Facility One Burner Type Kiln
Roasting Facility One Tilting & Rotating Roaster
Electric Furnace Three high-frequency induction furnace
Dust Collector Four Filter dust collecting Type
Scrubber Two pH, Gas Processing

Waste treatment License and capacity allowed

GMP Corp. pursues the infinite utilization of resources by continuously discovering the added value of used resources.

General waste
폐수처리오니 12톤/일 3,600톤/년
그 밖의 공정오니 12톤/일 3,600톤/년
폐합성수지류 4톤/일 1,200톤/년
비철금속제련공정광재 5톤/일 1,500톤/년
그 밖의 광재류 5톤/일 1,500톤/년
그 밖의 분진 4톤/일 1,200톤/년
금속성 폐촉매 10톤/일 3,000톤/년
그 밖의 폐촉매 4톤/일 1,200톤/년
그 밖의 폐전기전자제품류 8톤/일 2,400톤/년
Comprehensive/Specified waste
그 밖의 공정오니 4톤/일 1,200톤/년
폐수처리오니 6톤/일 1,800톤/년
금속성폐촉매 5톤/일 1,500톤/년
폐유성페인트 3톤/일 900톤/년
그 밖의 폐유독물질 5톤/일 1,500톤/년

Waste recycling business license

  • General waste

  • Comprehensive/Specified waste