Business Portfolio

GMP Corp. pursues the infinite utilization of resources by continuously discovering the added value of used resources.

  • Distribution of Metal Resources

    GMP Corp. serves as a hub in the supply chain for customers by discovering various recycled materials based on domestic/global networking.

    Distribution of Metal Resources

  • Toll Processing

    GMP Corp. processes wastes into semi-finished products with rotary kilns, drying furnaces, crushers, shredders, and screening facilities.

    Toll Processing

  • Waste Recycling

    GMP Corp. purchases process waste containing valuable metals through legal procedures, processes them through its own facilities into recycled semi-finished products, and then sells them to customers at home and abroad. This way, the company provides suppliers with an outlet for process wastes and provides customers with a service that allows them to procure economical raw materials.

    Waste Recycling

  • Component Analysis of Metals

    GMP Corp. operates its own analysis laboratory and provides customers with more accurate analysis values through ICP-MS equipment.

    Component Analysis of Metals

Business Category

Handling Items

Nonferrous Metal Materials Nickel, Copper, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Tin, Zinc, ETC

Precious Metal Materials Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Ruthenium, ETC

Li-ion battery scrap/waste materials Black Mass, Black powder, NCM waste, LCO waste, ETC

All types of Spent Catalysts nonferrous metal bearing catalysts, PGM catalysts, ETC

  • Cu

  • Mo

  • Mo

  • Ni

  • Ni

  • Zn

  • Zn

  • Pt/Pd/Rh